Bright-ID Band Synopsis

This is a conventional, first all-in-one patient ID band that comes in a color-coded form for different patient alerts, allergies, code status, risk and status notification such as NPO and wounds. Bright-ID Band solves once and for all, positive patient and risk identification all on a single bracelet. This saves hospitals lots of money, saving patients the discomfort of multiple annoying and irritating bracelets and saving nurses time thereby improving productive and increasing patient satisfaction.

Some Features

  • Customizable wristband to hospital / clinic specific need(s)
  • Re-adjustable or permanent snap lock based on preference
  • Well demarcated section for printing of patient information / barcode
  • Hypoallergic and very comfortable yet durable material
  • Peal-back layer for exposing patient risks

Some Specific Benefits Based on Current Use

Hospitals / Administrators

  • Saved 30%-40% by eliminating the use of multiple bracelets.
  • Saved 70% of budget otherwise spent on auditing correct application of patient risk identifiers
  • Increased in patient satisfaction scores between 20%-40% based on level of comfort during hospitalization.
  • Reduction in denied claims arising from wrong patient identification.
  • Prevention of sentinel events due to misidentification of patients and risk levels.
  • Overall savings from potential law suits from misidentification
  • Streamlined process of auditing and ordering risk bands by materials management
  • More space to work with by materials management and nursing unit.
  • It saved them collectively 28mins in a 12hour shift! This time would otherwise have been spent trekking between patients, drawers and supply closets looking for risk bands.
  • Easy one-stop visual patient and risk identification
  • More room for upper and lower extremely assessment
  • Wider area to work with when starting a peripheral IV and subsequent inspection for infiltration
  • Less likely to miss a patient risk status.
  • No clutters from multiple bracelets

Nurses Said

From Patients

  • Freedom from annoying multiple bracelets
  • Very comfortable. One bracelet that has all the information that is needed by nurses.
  • Unnecessary exposure from nurses and supervisors all the time looking for multiple bracelets that have been applied on all the limbs
  • No rattling noises from multiple bracelets while sleeping.